Friday, 1 February 2013

One Pattern, Many Looks Version 2

Version 2 didn't require too much pattern adjustment just a little sliver, 1cm, taken of the top of the back skirt piece to resolve the little issue that remained on version 1 and a slight change to the back closure as I didn’t have any 7" Zips but had loads of 5" I added a 2cm extension to the pattern one side of the back yoke to act as an underlap to which I could add some trouser slides (hate sewing
button holes).

simplicity version2

For this version used an amazing linen weave cotton with a navy woven stripe and anchor print  I brought at Abakhan back in April with vouchers the other half Tom got me last Christmas, I think this is also where I got all my 5” zippers. I’d been saving it for something special and when I found 4 meters of jumbo chord piping, I assume intended for upholstery purposes, in the charity shop for £2 I knew it would be a great pairing.
 V2 pocket
I love how the piping looks like rope

 To make this skirt extra special I chose to line it. The only suitable fabric I had in the stash was some china habotai silk I had left over from a uni project I worked out as being at least 5 years old.

 As I wanted to make sure my skirt could be washed fairly simply I chucked it in the washing machine on a handwash setting and it seemed to come out fine.  I’d never lined a skirt with a vent before so was a little apprehensive but I stumbled on Sunnis’ great tutorial which covers how to draft and sew a lining.
The lining looks pretty good from the front

V2 lining back
It looks a little scruffy from the back but I think
that's probably my ironing skills
The back fastens with a hand pricked, lapped zipper below the the yoke and there are two trouser slides on the yoke. The stripes here show part of the reason I went to the effort to straighten the center back after the back adjustment.

v2 side
When summer comes I'm gonna
rock this outfit so hard

V2 front2

V2 back
Look ma' no lumps!

I love this skirt! I managed to iron out the fitting issues version 1. It's not really appropriate for the current weather but i think come summer this outfit is gonna get so much wear. 

Right I promise I shall be back tomorrow with Version 3

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