Monday, 4 February 2013

One Pattern, Many Looks Version 4 The Final...For Now..

Version 4 hooorrraaayyy... Finally!!!

Version 4 and I was running out of time so no real pattern changes, this version is the same as version 3 minus the faux placket and extended and extra 4cm, making it 8cm longer than the pattern straight out the envelope.

V4 copy
Yeah, I'm rubbish at drawing ric rac

This version is made from some navy poly blend twill (I seem to be drawn towards polyester in a navy tone) that has only been in my stash for about a year; I had originally brought it to make a pair of sailor trousers but decided it didn’t have enough weight.
 V4 ricrac
To funk it up I added rows of red and white ric rac I found in my stash that again I didn’t know I had. I decided to hand stitch on the ric rac, a decision I was regretting when I was sewing in my lunch break to make sure it was finished in time. But in hind sight I don’t regret at all as it looks great.

Teeny tiny stitches.

V4 stitches
Barely visible from the right side

V4 lining f
Obligatory lining shot...

I lined again using the same maroon lining as version 3 I wasn’t sure the colour would look right but as it was all I had that was suitable so I didn’t have much choice.

V4 lining b
I think this is the best lining attempt so far, the stitching around the zip is much better on this one.

V4 front4

V4 front1

V4 side1
SShhh, Von in wearing heels shocker!

V4 back

During the hours I spent sewing on the ric rac I was wondering if maybe I was over-doing it but I think the outcome is well balanced. I think the ric rac makes the skirt pop and adds just the right amount of interest and I think it can still be worn in and outfit without drawing too much attention.

So that is my final make for the One Pattern, Many Looks contest. I’m really glad I entered the contest it's really kick stared 2013 as my year for sewing and blogging, I think I started out stronger with one than the other but I’ve finally caught up.

I managed to stick by myself imposed stash only rule and I now have 4 new ‘free’ skirts to wear Although I don’t expect to do particularly well in the contest it feels great to finally be putting my work ‘out there’ in the world where feedback can be given, something I’ve not really had to do since Uni. All the feedback I’ve had has been great and I think this is spurring me on to put myself ‘out there’ some more.

My plans for February are a little more sedate, I’m planning on following Kenneth D Kings Craftsy class Jean-ius to make myself some jeans, I’ve had trouble making fitted trousers so hopefully this class will provide some wearable results.

Whats that you say?

What about Version 5 the version that didn’t quite make it?

V5 copy
Well I plan on finishing that during February too.  It a short pocket-less version in satin backed duppion.

Oh yeah, you can see my review here and see all the entries of the contest and vote over at pattern review.


  1. I love all the versions of the skirt you made - the details on each one really make them great. (Covered buttons are my favorite, I really should use them more. And what perfect judicious use of ric-rac!) You've got my vote!

  2. Thank you. I don't think I've used covered buttons in the past but I think I will in the future.