Saturday, 2 February 2013

One Pattern, Many Looks Version 3

Version 3 is a version born out of necessity, Working back stage on Calendar Girls I realised I own very few black garments. Having spent much of my formative years clad in black during my mid-twenties I subconsciously shifted away from black and was drawn to navy, much more flattering on my skin tone and far less sombre.

Working in a jeans and a t-shirt environment has also meant my wardrobe is lacking in more formal smart items. I came up with a design that is suitably smart but still a bit playful and a bit me.

In my stash I found this nearly black, herringbone poly blend suiting (I believe I brought this fabric in Leicester, with plans to make my sister a jacket, a whopping 8 years ago. Seriously does anybody else keep things in their stash this long? Needless to say I doubt she still wants the jacket any more. If she does and she’s reading this? Kaye I’m sorry but you will never be getting that jacket.)
 I also found some maroon poly acetate lining fabric. I honestly have no idea where this fabric came from!  I didn’t even know I owned it! Which is surprising as there is over 5 meters of it! I’m beginning to think I may have a problem…

Sooooo any way let’s not focus any longer on my OCD hording compulsion and let’s take a look the alteration I made to the pattern.

pocket pattern 
To keep with nautical obsession theme, I decided to model this version on sailor trousers. I scooped out the pockets, above you can see the original pocket vs the new shape, and added a faux button placket to the front of the waist band.  I also lengthen the skirt but 4cm so it hit right on the knee.

I added self-covered button along the edge of the pocket, these are non-functioning and are purely decorative. I had considered making this a functioning opening similar to Kasia but the contest rules dictated the back opening would have to remain so it seemed a  bit pointless but it’s a good option for another time. 

Speaking of openings, check it out, invisible zipper and trouser fasteners. I used to dread putting in concealed zippers but I got one of those universal zip feet and it has made the job so much easier.

V3 lining front

I lined and it was so much better second time round, I barely had to look at the instructions, I think because this fabric has a bit more weight that the silk it hangs much better. I have to say I love the inside of this skirt!
V3 lining
Is it weird I want to wear it inside out?

I won’t though, I had been wearing with the below blouse. Until I saw the photos from the side and I realised the sleeves are really not flattering....

v3 2front
...not too bad in this shot.....

V3 2side
.....Nooooooo! Ive had this blouse for quite a while and
 I honestly didn't realise it made my arms look like
this and this is the most flattering shot.

So I went and got changed.

V3 front3
Ahhhh, much better

V3 front1
Although I'm not one hundred percent sure about the tights

V3 side

V3 back1

I'm happy with this skirt, it’s met its brief and even on the inside it looks great. I’ve been working really hard to try and make sure the finishing of my garments meet a high standard. In the past I have rushed projects and in my eagerness to finish cut corners but which this skirt I made sure I took my time event though I was aware I was working to a deadline.

Both the yoke facing and the hem were hand stitched, usually something I can’t stand to do, and I think it really raises the quality of the garment. In the future I am going to put more time and effort in to hand finishing items; I’m also going invest in a good thimble, any recommendations?

Right, tomorrow I will post up my 4th and final version. If you are lucky I might even give you a sneak peek the unfinished Version 5.



  1. Super skirt on you, and extremely flattering with the stripy top! And just love the pop of colour on the to vote...J

    1. Thanks Judith, there is some strong competition over there.