Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Finish Line - One Pattern, Many Looks Version 1

Well I haven’t posted much this month but that is because I have been sewing muchly :) I had intended to post weekly updates about my progress in the OPML but time kinda got away from me.

Buuuutttttt I managed to complete 4 skirts for the contest and posted my entry up late last night. I was short of my intended 7 but I think I was being wildly optimistic there, I actually had to spend my lunch break at work hand stitching version 4 on Tuesday to ensure I got it finished, I have version 5 cut out and the yoke put together  but ran out of time to put it together. I think I’ll finish it at a more leisurely pace.

Wanna see what I made?

Ok let’s start with....
Version 1
simplicity version1 copy 

I wanted this to be a straight up rendition of the pattern; I made some pretty big changes to the back pattern piece and wanted to check out the fit.  I’ve read the theory on fixing this issue but I could never get the prescribed methods to work. Instead I have come up with my own fix my patented Bum Deal Alteration*.

This is what I started with drag lines and excess fabric below the yoke

before copy 

To resolve this I removed the darts, unpicked the waistband from the centre back to the side seam, put the skirt back on, pined out the centre back seam and got my pin monkey other half to pin the yoke on back on to the back of the skirt. The imperfections really show up in the picture below (which I only thought to take last night) but when I was looking in the mirror it didn’t look so bad and there is definitely less dragage so I went with it.

after copy

When I transferred the alterations to the pattern I started by removing the wedge out the centre back which measures approx. 2cm at the top of the skirt and rand down to 0 about 20cm down. Not wanting the centre back line to be off grain (important for a future version) I pivoted the adjustment out though the side seam using this method. you can see the effect of the changes on the pattern below.

pattern copy

My final alteration was to peg in the side seam 2cm at the hem to nothing at the hips.

I created this version in stretch denim and used a cute remnant of pale blue humming bird print quilting cotton for the pockets and lining.

Enough wafffle? wanna see the finished item? Tired of me asking you questions?

Oh yeah I'm terrible at posing! 

V1 front1
Getting better.

V1 side1
Yeah, work it, work it!

V1 back1
You can see i could have done with removing a 
little more from the top of the skirt pattern

V1 inside1
Pretty on the inside

A pretty good attempt at a lapped zipper

Oh yeah, it snowed! England came to a stand still and I got to have a snow day and had a chance to test drive my skirt in a snowball fight!

V1 snow2

V1 snow

All in all I'm really happy with this skirt. The fit isnt 100% and i may un-pick the back and take out a little from the under the yoke. But this skirt is really flattering and comfy and I think I'll get a load of wear from it.

Tomorrow I will post up the next version - Version 2 - but if you want a sneak preview you can find my full review and all 4 versions here 

* Patent pending (honest)

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